Palo Alto Networks Takes On Mobility, Data Center Partners

Palo Alto Networks, the company focused on next-gen firewalls, has gained considerable support from the technology community with brand new data center and mobility partners teaming up to help build out new and improved integrated security solutions. Here's The VAR Guy's rundown on what this means for Palo Alto Networks partners and the channel at large...

What is the Palo Alto Networks Technology Partner Program? According to the company, it's a "program committed to arming mutual customers with integrated [security] solutions." Palo Alto Networks sees a rising correlation between mobility and the increase in security measures. So, too, do the vendor partners that have joined the expanding partner program. The VAR Guy loves when companies play nice, because then VARs win.

When it comes to security in the data center, Palo Alto Networks has found favor with Avaya and Brocade, both of which "do away with ... trade-offs, enabling enterprise-class throughput with the additional network visibility and control enabled by next-generation firewall technology," according to Palo Alto Networks. More simply put, these partners can host their respective technologies without having to punch holes in data center security measures.

On the mobile side of things, MobileIron and Zenprise are now part of the Palo Alto Networks Technology Partner Program, due in part to their MDM solutions which enable a consistent level of security even when the end user is living outside the network. Their technologies, like Avaya and Brocade, integrate with Palo Alto Networks, allowing full device control and visibility without having to sacrifice an ounce of security. Palo Alto Networks has also recognized fellow network security partners including AlgoSec and Network Critical (among a few others) for their integration of "security incident and event management" analytical capabilities.

Our resident blogger sees this as a big plus for the channel. Partners can now gain access to an improved list of interoperable solutions. VARs who are using, or have considered using, multi-vendor best-of-breed solutions now can get a leg up if they're working with Palo Alto Networks or any other partner under the Technology Partner Program. Mobility and security combined with a deep level of interoperability can lead to enhanced differentiation. And if there's anything The VAR Guy knows, differentiation is where the magic is in the channel.

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