Srini Beereddy CTO of Anuta Networks

Srini Beereddy, CTO of Anuta Networks

Anuta Networks Expands NCX SDN Framework

Anuta Networks is expanding its NCX software-defined networking (SDN) platform with the launch of Technology Platform 3.0.

Anuta Networks is expanding its NCX enterprise software product for delivering "agile and secure" software-defined networking benefits to enterprises with the launch of Technology Platform 3.0.

Core to NCX, Technology Platform 3.0 was designed to leverage physical and virtual devices across multivendor network infrastructures. New features included in the 3.0 version include:

  • Global VDC spanning multiple data center PODs and LAN, WAN use cases.
  • Support for DCI based on MPLS L2VPN and L3VPN.
  • Added device support for Cisco ASR 9K, metro Ethernet switches, Juniper SRX and vGW, Fortinet Fortigate FW and Radware LB.
  • Support for Cisco iWAN technologies (PFR, PBR, AVC, and DMVPN.

"More and more enterprise customers are reducing significant operational complexity, and realizing the promise of SDN in their existing networks, by leveraging the intelligent power of Anuta Networks' single network services orchestration solution," said Srini Beereddy, CTO of Anuta Networks, in a prepared statement. "We're excited to advance the reach of our NCX Enterprise technology to more enterprises around the world with the market-leading green data power services of Fjord IT."

Available now, the Technology Platform 3.0 is priced based on per virtual machine per device, but it depends on the deployment model.

"In my decade of experience doing core networking, one of the most common challenges network architects and operations teams have to face is designing, deploying and enabling new capabilities for remote site LANs, WAN and data center all while maintaining a consistent provisioning and monitoring solution of network services spanning all of these sites," said Brandon Mangold, enterprise network architect at United Airlines, an Anuta Networks customer, in a prepared statement. "I am pleased to see that Anuta Networks is enabling its technology platform to help solve these challenges using its Orchestration Solution for massive scale enterprises."

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