Xavier School Deploys 600 Ubuntu Linux Desktops

Xavier School Deploys 600 Ubuntu Linux Desktops

Xavier School Deploys 600 Ubuntu Linux DesktopsXavier is the latest K-12 school to move Ubuntu Linux to the head of the class. In fact, the school has deployed more than 600 Ubuntu desktops, according to Pierre Tagle, Xavier's consulting IT director. During a recent email exchange with WorksWithU, Tagle described why the San Juan, Phillipines-based school has fallen for Ubuntu.

"Our large-scale deployment of Ubuntu began last April 2008," writes Tagle. "The reason to choose Ubuntu started due to cost issues brought about by Microsoft's base licenses and subscription licenses.  The choice of Ubuntu is due to its ease of use as a desktop OS and the availability of Edubuntu."

Still, Ubuntu has not made the leap from Xavier's desktops to servers. "Our servers are mostly Linux-based, though most of the run Red Hat or CentOS.  Red Hat is required by IBM for a supported installation of Lotus Notes."

Meanwhile, the school also has a 50-computer mobile lab, which is standardized on Ubuntu. "Aside from this, we have another 120+ MacOS desktops and 100+ MacBook laptops used by our faculty members," writes Tagle.

In the months ahead, WorksWithU will take a closer look at Ubuntu in the K-12 and higher education markets. Also, we continue to amass the WorksWithU 1000 -- a fast-growing list of Ubuntu deployments across the globe.

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