Advertising Firm Standardizes On Ubuntu Linux Servers, Desktops

Advertising Firm Standardizes On Ubuntu Linux Servers, Desktops

Yooter InterActive Marketing Agency Standardizes on Ubuntu Server Edition, Ubuntu Desktop EditionAdvertising and marketing agencies have been loyal to the Apple Macintosh for more than two decades. But Yooter InterActive Marketing Agency is breaking from tradition and standardizing on Ubuntu Server Edition and Ubuntu Desktop Edition, Works With U has learned. Here are the details.

Yooter is one of the most recent companies to land on our Works With U 1000 -- which tracks Ubuntu deployments across the globe. The fast-growing list now includes small, midsize and large organizations on multiple continents.

Yooter is a boutique agency, launched and self-funded back in 2005. The company originally chose Ubuntu based on pure economics. "To purchase all Microsoft software, the price tag of about $1,000 per desktop was daunting for a startup," wrote Roger Wehbe, president of Yooter, in an email to Works With U.

Standardizing On Ubuntu

As the Minersville, Pennsylvania-based company grew and became more established, the default install for new employees became Ubuntu Linux with OpenOffice, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), Firefox and Pidgin (for instant messaging), among other software.

Employees "LOVE it...  to the point where many of them formated their Vista machines at home [for Ubuntu] and are using it," wrote Wehbe. "Any startup would be crazy not to choose Ubuntu Linux for their company."

Why's that? "Honestly there are untold thousands [of dollars] saved not just in purchase price, but also viruses, spyware, etc. eat into company time and money," wrote Wehbe.

So far, Yooter has roughly seven Ubuntu servers and 20 desktop/mobile systems. The agency depends on its Ubuntu network for such services as:
  • Backup
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Database
  • Software development
  • File server
  • Email/groupware
  •  Media streaming
  • Web server
Also of note: The majority of Yooter's customers are Fortune 1,000 clients -- and the advertising firm has experienced zero interoperability problems when trading files and documents with those customers. "The argument that [Ubuntu is] not compatible is off the wall," added Wehbe. "Because the majority of our clients are Fortune 1000 firms. And each of them send over Word docs, PowerPoint files , Excel sheets... and we open .. modify and send back with no problem at all."

Reality Check, Please

Of course, even Works With U needs to concede that the vast majority of businesses will continue to hold firm with Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Small Business Server for the next few years. But Yooter and other companies on the Works With U 1000 prove that Ubuntu is catching on as both a client and a server in businesses of all sizes across the globe.
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