Details Emerge on UT One Ubuntu Linux Tablet

Details Emerge on UT One Ubuntu Linux Tablet

The UT One, the Ubuntu-based tablet with an Intel CPU that is being under the Demski Group's supervision, may ship with a "UT One Mini" option as well as the standard mobile device.

Details continue to emerge on the UT One, the tablet with an Intel processor that will run on Canonical's Ubuntu operating system. Here are the latest revelations on what will very possibly be one of the first x86-based mobile devices powered by an open source Linux distribution (yeah, Android is not really a Linux distribution).

Rumors regarding the UT One, whose developers say they will have the hardware ready to ship by the end of this calendar year, first appeared about a week ago. Since then Canonical's role has become clearer, even if the details of the relationship between the company and the UT One developers remain to be determined.

The identity of the organization behind the tablet is also now clear. In an email, Andrew Bernstein, the lead developer, confirmed that the outfit responsible for building and selling the tablet is named Mastermind, an entity owned by the Demski Group, which Bernstein leads.

Bernstein also indicated that Mastermind is sourcing the tablet hardware from a company that he is not yet able to name, but which is "a CES exhibitor." That suggests (although does not confirm) that the tablet may be designed specifically for Ubuntu, not just a commodity touchscreen device. Impressive hardware, alongside the software powering the tablet, could be an important selling point for the product among Linux power-users.

Interestingly, Bernstein also mentioned that his company is "seriously exploring the possibility of providing a 7-8 inch tablet with flagship specs alongside the UT One," which will be called the UT One Mini. That approach worked for Apple and the iPad, so why not Ubuntu and the UT One as well?

That's all the news we have to share at this point regarding the UT One tablet. We'll continue following this space as it develops further.

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