MSPmentor 100 Global Edition 2012, Companies 100 to 81

Welcome to the 2012 MSPmentor 100 Global Edition, a list of the world's top 100 managed services providers (MSPs).

The World's Top Managed Services Providers

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MSPmentor 100, Global Edition 2012, Companies 100 to 81

100. Fandotech, Manchester, Connecticut, United States: The 25-person company is now managing 3200 desktops and mobile devices, and 1,200 servers. President: John Boyd

99. McGladrey, Mason City, Iowa, United States: The 7,000-person company has tax and businesses consulting expertise. But keep an eye on the small but growing IT practice, which now manages about 4,000 desktops and mobile devices and 1,200 servers. Managing Director: Pat Vance

98. eFrame, LLC, Omaha, Nebraska, United States:  The 38-person company grew is managed services revenues nearly 10 percent in 2011, managing nearly 2,000 servers along the way. President: Jim Folsom

97. Precision IT Group, New York, New York, United States: The 35-person company grew recurring revenues nearly 50 percent in 2011 while managing 6,500 systems. President: David D'Arcy

96. Upic Solutions, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, United States: The 25-person company appears to be a pure MSP, driving the vast majority of its revenues from recurring services. CEO: Winston Faircloth

95. Thinsolutions, Cleveland, Ohio, United States: A 41-person company, nearly half of Thinsolutions' revenues are now recurring as the company works to support more than 4,500 customer systems. CEO: Michael Fischer

94. Nitro IT Business Solutions, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:  One of Canada's leading solutions providers, more than 10 percent of revenues are now recurring. CEO: Larry Poirier

93. Fifosys Ltd., London, United Kingdom:  The 33-person firm now generates half of its revenues from managed services -- overseeing more than 3,800 desktop and mobile devices. CEO: Mitesh Patel

92. SWC Technology Partners, Inc., Oak Brook, Illinois, United States: Nearly 25 percent of the company's revenue comes from managed services, and recurring revenues jumped nearly 25 percent in 2011. President: Robert Knott

91. The Utility Company, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: In addition to helping aspiring MSPs to get into the business, The Utility Company also assists MSPs with M&A activities. Founder Mark Scott is formerly CEO of N-able Technologies. President: Mark Scott

90. BDunn and Company LLC, Arlington, Texas, United States: Managed services revenues more than doubled from 201o to 2011, and more than one-third of revenues come from managed services. Member-Manager: Billy Dunn

89. Compudyne, Inc., Duluth, Minnesota, United States: The 62-person company lifted managed services revenues roughly 40 percent in 2011. President and COO: Todd Sieger

88. CalTech, San Angelo, Texas, United States: One of the leading MSPs in Texas, CalTech has more than 4,300 customer IT systems under management. President and CFO: Brent McCasland

87. Acropolis Technology Group, St. Louis, Missouri, United States: More than 70 percent of revenues come from managed services, which include 5,000 managed desktops. President: Tracy Butler

86. PC Solutions Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States: Don't let the "PC" make fool you. Berndt has positioned his company for the post-PC era, generating nearly half of revenues from managed services. The 42-person company manages nearly 5,000 PCs and mobile devices, and 1,600 servers. President and CEO: Mark Berndt

85. Corporate Network Services, Poolesville, Maryland, United States: The 49-person company derives 60 to 70 percent of its revenues from managed services. President: Brenda Sneed

84. Synoptek, Irvine, California, United States: The 55-person company lifted its managed services revenues roughly 15 to 20 percent in 2011. CEO: Tim Britt CEO

83. ETG, Birmingham, Alabama, United States: One of North America's top MSPs focused on the health-care vertical, ETG has turned down multiple takeover offers to remain focused on growth. CEO: Mike Jones

82. American Technology Services, Fairfax, Virginia, United States: Recurring revenues grew more than 50 percent in 2011, and the company now manages more than 4,000 desktop, mobile and server systems. President: Jeff Chandler

81. Computer Care Australia,Gordon, NSW, Australia: Computer Care Australia is the first of several MSPs to land on this year's MSPmentor 100 Global Edition. The 29-person company nearly quadrupled managed services revenues in 2011. CEO: Damien Stephens

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