"Occupy Google Apps" -- Smart or Risky Cloud Marketing?

"Occupy Google Apps" -- Smart or Risky Cloud Marketing?

Once in a while, an item crosses my inbox that makes me do a double-take. "Occupy Google Apps," a movement sponsored by leading Google partner Cumulus Global that's aimed at encouraging SMBs to throw off the shackles of the "oppressive 1% (sic) regimes of big IT companies" and go to the cloud, is definitely one of them. Yes, this is really a thing.

I'll let Cumulus Global CEO Allen Falcon explain it himself, as per the press release:

“Small and mid-size businesses drive the economy and job creation, yet the big IT vendors treat small business like unwanted pets.These vendors punish SMBs with unnecessary complexity and costs. It is absurd that small businesses are paying consultants to figure out the best licensing option when buying basic software like operating systems and office productivity suites. Occupy Google Apps is about easy to use, secure, and reliable services, and only paying for what you need.”


Officially, Cumulus Global only has announced its funding and support for Occupy Google Apps, but looking at the movement's website, I don't see any evidence of outside participation. What I do see is a lot of "99 percent/1 percent" rhetoric wrapped around the value proposition to Google Apps. The "big IT" companies remain unnamed...

My opinion: Maybe Occupy Wall Street is a conversation worth having. And maybe the move to the cloud for small businesses is a conversation worth having. But by transposing the two, Cumulus Global, all you're doing is undercutting both.
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