Steve Francis Zultys39 chief sales and marketing officer

Steve Francis, Zultys' chief sales and marketing officer

Zultys Adds Salesforce Open CTI Support to UC Solution

Zultys has added Salesforce Open CTI support to its unified communications (UC) solution. Here's everything you need to know.

Zultys has added Salesforce Open CTI support to its unified communications (UC) solution. 

The company last week unveiled MX Release Version 11, an updated version of its UC solution that features Salesforce Open CTI support  and new Zultys Salesforce Communicator interface.

Zultys Salesforce Communicator allows tight integration between Zultys' IP phone system and the Salesforce platform and enables users to make calls from Salesforce records, according to Zultys.

In addition, Zultys said Salesforce automatically opens a popup with a record associated with the caller ID  on incoming calls, and the Salesforce Communicator window provides a record of all recent calls without the need for the user to leave the Salesforce window.

Zultys also has introduced a Multi-Media Queue capability for contact centers that provides a web chat capability and traditional voice capability, allowing companies to "offer flexible engagement options," the company said. 

"MX Release Version 11 enhances an organizations customer service and sales communications capabilities by being able to respond faster and more efficiently to clients," Steve Francis, Zultys' chief sales and marketing officer, said in a prepared statement.

Francis said the new capabilities are available on Zultys' hosted phone system or premise phone system.

MX Release 11.0 is now available as well.

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