OpenStack Private Clouds: Brocade, Piston Partner

OpenStack Private Clouds: Brocade, Piston Partner

Brocade and Piston Cloud are collaborating to provide customers and partners with a flexible, resilient and scalable OpenStack-based solution for the development and deployment of private clouds.

The two companies are partnering to help joint customers manage Brocade VCS fabric-based network infrastructure using the Piston Enterprise OpenStack distribution. As part of the agreement, Brocade plans to deliver pre-tested, Piston Cloud-certified and OpenStack-based solutions for the private cloud. The goal is to make deployment as easy as possible for customers and channel partners.

The Brocade/Piston partnership announcement follows closely on the heels of the launch of a slimmed-down version of Piston Cloud's OpenStack distribution.

According to Brocade, its VCS fabric technology can transform OpenStack scalability with efficient service-level abstractions powered by distributed fabric intelligence. It offloads the orchestration platform from the management of individual networking elements, with the end goal of simplified operations of large-scale, complex infrastructures.

Piston's OpenStack distribution was designed to automatically detect new hardware and install itself on each server. Combined, the two supporters of OpenStack are aiming to deliver a complete cloud management platform for enterprises.

"Our ongoing joint development activities with Brocade will result in additional integrated solutions that will deliver compelling business value to customers," said Joshua McKenty, CEO and co-founder at Piston Cloud, in a prepared statement.

The two vendors noted a few other benefits, including:

  • Scale and rapidly deploy private IaaS cloud environments.

  • Seamlessly and dynamically allocate compute, storage and networking services.

  • Maximize use of the entire network while improving resilience with a self-healing fabric design.

  • Offload the orchestration of individual network elements from the cloud management platform to achieve fabric-level, large-scale, yet less-complex deployments.

"This partnership with Piston Cloud will benefit organizations that are transitioning to private clouds by minimizing integration effort and risk," said Ken Ross, director of product management at Brocade, in a prepared statement.
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