ODCA: Cloud Adoption Happening Faster Than Expected

ODCA: Cloud Adoption Happening Faster Than Expected

The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA)'s second annual membership survey found that members are scaling cloud adoption 15 percent faster than previously expected.

The survey, which was conducted at the ODCA Solutions Provider Summit, found that more than half of the 63 members who responded to the survey will be running greater than 40 percent of their IT operations in the private cloud by 2015. Within the same time frame, one-quarter of members plan to be running more than 40 percent of their IT operations in the public cloud.

According to the group, the membership is showing broad adoption of both private and public cloud services. More than two-thirds of the responding members plan to invest in the required integration of cloud services inside the next 24 months.

This may not seem surprising, given the rapid increase of both public and private cloud services adoption in recent memory, but the group said the rates exceeded their forecasts.

Enterprise resource planning, human resources, finance, sales and marketing top the list of applications driving broad cloud adoption. The survey found several other interesting trends among its member companies, though:

  • Of the respondents, 13 percent said they have already made purchase decisions based on ODCA requirements, which is ahead of expected initial solution deployment the ODCA was expecting by the end of this year.

  • Three-quarters of members said they are planning hybrid application deployments across public and private cloud environments.

  • The two leading usage model targets for membership adoption are security monitoring (63 percent) and security provider assurance (63 percent). They are closely followed by identity-related requirements.

  • Members see the leading opportunities for public SaaS applications as sales and marketing (53 percent) and productivity (47 percent).

"This survey not only shows that companies are increasingly using the cloud for critical business applications, but are also making their IT purchasing decisions based on ODCA requirements. Clearly, the ongoing, collaborative efforts of the ODCA are having a major impact on the industry," said Mario Müller, ODCA chairman and vice president IT Infrastructure at BMW.
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