Google Apps: New API Eases Reseller Efforts

Google Apps: New API Eases Reseller Efforts

Google Apps reseller opportunities appear to be growing. This time the progress involves a new Google Apps Reseller API. The new API supports Google Apps for Business, Google Drive storage and Google Apps Vault. Authorized resellers and systems integrators will be able to use the API to place customer orders and manage Google Apps monthly post-pay subscriptions.

Google announced the new Reseller API on its Google Enterprise blog. According to the post, written by Google Enterprise product manager Jaideep Mirchandani, IT service providers and channel tools developers that are on the lookout for a way to scale their businesses should find the API helpful in integrating and automating components of Google Apps resellers tools into their own customer and sales systems.

Mirchandani listed a few things that resellers will be able to do with the API without having to sign into reseller tools, including:

  • Add new customer accounts.

  • Transfer customers.

  • View customer subscription information.

Mirchandani provided an example of a reseller using the Reseller API. The Korea-based Megazone implemented the API into its domain and hosting provider domain name purchase process to make it easier for its web-based customers to sign up for Google Apps. Customers that opt into a Google Apps trial subscription will be automatically set up in Megazone's reseller console and can immediately start using Google Apps.

"This is a more scalable and easier way for customers to sign up for Google Apps through Megazone," Mirchandani wrote.

For Google Apps resellers, the Reseller API should speed up the sales and deployment cycle of Google-based applications, getting their customers up and running quicker and easier.

According to Google, more than 6,000 partner organizations are implementing Google Apps globally.
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