CipherCloud Adds Content-Aware Encryption to V3.5

CipherCloud is claiming two cloud security industry first with the release of CipherCloud Gateway 3.5, the latest release of the vendor's cloud encryption product.

In version 3.5, CipherCloud added content-aware encryption and support for mobile touch applications available in Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), Chatter and other platforms. According to the company, the addition makes increases the effectiveness of implementation because it eliminates the complexities of detecting data at risk.

Plus, it speeds deployment and "continues to break down privacy, residency, compliance and security barriers to adopting Salesforce and other cloud applications by automating data security," the company noted.

Vendors can tout their cool technologies all they want, but the real value for customers will be in data loss prevention. According to the company, its content-aware encryption gives CipherCloud Gateway the ability to identify sensitive data and automatically encrypt one or more fields.

"CipherCloud's new dynamic encryption policy enforces content-aware encryption decisions so enterprises can confidently move to the cloud faster," said Pravin Kothari, founder and CEO, in a prepared statement. "And unlike previous data loss prevention technologies, CipherCloud operates in real-time without changing the user experience. This means users can access the beautifully designed Salesforce Touch and their enterprise CRM data while data is always stored encrypted or tokenized."

The company listed several key benefits of CipherCloud Gateway 3.5, including

  • The removal of data security, residency, privacy and compliance barriers

  • The preservation of enterprise control over cloud data

  • The ability to scale for demanding cloud applications

  • The ability to enable BYOD and mobile productivity

  • The reduction of costs related to securing enterprise clouds

CipherCloud will be demonstrating the new bells and whistles of CipherCloud Gateway next week at Dreamforce. It will also be showing off its recently announced CipherCloud Connect AnyApp encryption product for public and private clouds, which encrypts data in transit and stored on cloud infrastructure.
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