Talkin' Cloud Stock Index Takes a Dip, Google Stays Dry

The Talkin' Cloud Stock Index -- the 20 SaaS and cloud providers we watch to monitor hype vs. real-world performance -- has had better weeks. Of all the companies on the index, only Google saw a positive result, resulting in a week-over-week drag of 4.30 percent, bringing the Talkin' Cloud Stock Index down to a positive change of only 13.05 percent. Here's our weekly look at the big movers for the week ending July 15, 2011.

But before we do, here's our standard disclaimer: The Talkin' Cloud Stock Index isn't designed to offer specific financial advice, and the decision to buy, sell, or hold is yours and yours alone. We only maintain the listing as a window into how the cloud computing industry is progressing in dollars-and-cents terms.

One Winner

  • As noted above, Google (GOOG) was the sole winner this week, and it's no secret why. The search giant's "blowout" record-setting $9 billion Q2 2011 has led investors and analysts to bring Google stock up 12.34 percent to $597.62 per share.

The Biggest Losers

  • Constant Contact (CTCT) was the top of the bottom this week, continuing its slow-but-steady backslide with a full 10.52 percent dip to $22.11/share. It seems investors are still selling stock in the SMB cloud marketing solution provider, and the price hasn't yet hit bottom.

  • Right behind is Citrix Systems (CTXS), which fell 10.34 percent to $74.40. Apparently, the virtualization provider's acquisition of cloud infrastructure solution developer this week was not received favorably by shareholders.

  • Business execution SaaS developer SuccessFactors (SFSF) rounded out the pack with a 7.84 percent dip to $28.43 per share, precipitated by the announcement that the company would move its listing from NASDAQ to the NYSE.

It's an especially disappointing result after it looked as though the Talkin' Cloud Stock Index was building some positive momentum in the start of July. But, as always, one week isn't enough to call out a real trend. Keep watching Talkin' Cloud for more updates.
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