Symform Grants Free Access To Its Cloud Storage Commune

Symform previously caught Talkin' Cloud's attention for its share-and-share-alike approach to cloud storage, where enterprises and cloud service providers donate space in their infrastructures to other users and get the same capacity back. You just pay a flat fee for unlimited storage per server. Now, Symform is announcing that they've driven the cloud cost equation so far down that it can offer 100GB of storage for free.

A quick refresher: Symform works by using the Symform Cloud Control app to oversee transfer of data into the cloud. Data is heavily encrypted and chopped up before it's sent across the network to various randomly-selected fellow Symform users and reconstituted on demand.

And today, Symform is opening its doors up for any enterprise to sign up for 100GB of free storage. For some SMBs, that could be enough storage for some basic business tasks. But Symform is channel-0nly, and Symform's Interim VP of Marketing Jeff O'Mara wants to make sure that the company's partners know that even if they don't make money off of selling the storage space itself, the offering still needs the fine touch of an expert partner to make it run.

Essentially, O'Mara says Symform is trying to address the injustice of having to pay as much as five figures or even more for 2 terabytes of cloud storage when buying a physical drive of that size can cost less than $100. And Symform claims that even Dropbox would charge around $240 for 100GB of storage - and that's not nearly as enterprise-ready.

Symform remains a company to watch in the cloud storage market as they try to make a different value proposition to the channel. Stay tuned for more updates as they arrive.


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