Spam Soap: Helping MSPs to Clean Up Email Via the Cloud

Spam Soap LogoExpectations are high for Spam Soap – the hosted email security provider. Spam Soap Director of Channel Sales Leonard DiMiceli sees significant opportunities ahead for MSPs that want to leverage the cloud while safeguarding corporate email from spam, malware and other threats. DiMiceli, an MSPmentor 250 member, all sees major grow opportunities ahead for Spam Soap itself.

“We've recently hired six new employees – two in support and four in sales,”  DiMiceli said. “We plan to double in employees and revenue within the next year.” Much of the predicted revenue spike is based on three new product releases the company is planning within the next 3-6 months, in addition to the email encryption solution Spam Soap released earlier in 2011. DiMecli did not specify what Spam Soap is developing, but he did say he expects the new solutions to be as popular as its new encryption service.

DiMiceli offered additional clues in this FastChat Video:

Spam Soap has also emerged as a safe haven for MSPs that previously partnered with Do IT Smarter, a master MSP that's exiting the channel. As part of that exit process, Do IT Smarter put its MSP partners in touch with Spam Soap for ongoing email security services.

DiMiceli identified Postini, Reflexion Networks and Own Web Now as Spam Soap’s three main competitors, then he broke down how Spam Soap sizes up the market: “Postini is the low price leader but offers no support. Our competitors would say the same thing about Postini. Own Web Now and Reflexion are better competitors because they offer a lot of similar products to what we offer. We also offer a global threat center.”

Own Web Now is particularly sharp when it comes to viral marketing; founder Vlad Mazek is outspoken and known to share strong views across the IT channel. Reflexion is particularly active within MSP communities; VP of Sales and Marketing Scott Barlow is constantly on the road networking with MSPs.

Still, DiMiceli also is a road warrior. And the company has strong relationships with some big IT companies, particularly McAfee -- now owned by Intel Corp. Just a hunch... but we suspect Spam Soap to potentially make some noise at McAfee Focus, a channel and partner conference scheduled for October 2011 in Las Vegas.

Additional Insights from Joe Panettieri.


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