SolarWinds Synthetic Monitor for Cloud-Based Web Transactions

SolarWinds, the IT management software provider, has released version 1.5 of the SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor (SeUM). The biggest change to SeUM is the addition of the Cloud Player Portal that lets users process transactions to Amazon EC2. Users also can monitor transactions from different cloud-based locations without having to purchase several different vendor subscriptions.

SolarWinds VP of Product Management Denny LeCompte noted SolarWinds customers have been asking for two things:

  1. They want to have control over their entire monitoring infrastructure.

  2. They want to monitor all of their web user experience from around the world.

So with this new release, SolarWinds is giving its customers both of the above capabilities, without "paying a high price for what is fundamentally a very simple service," LeCompte said.

Aside from SeUM, the Cloud Player Portal also features a new multitenant user interface (UI), firewall-friendly communication, rich content and playback and a simpler interface. In the end, SolarWinds wants its business customers to use the SeUM to monitor all of their websites and web applications, and play back recordings from different locations.

SolarWinds' SeUM solution is just one of many solutions included in as part of its system management product portfolio for its business customers. The portfolio includes a Server & Application Monitor (SAM) and three new products as a result of SolarWinds' recent acquisition of EminentWare:

  • Patch Manager

  • DameWare NT Utilities

  • DameWare Mini Remote Control

Remember -- SolarWinds also recently stepped up its game in the mobile device management (MDM) field when it released version 2.0 of its User Device Tracker (UDT). The mobile capabilities included in its new Cloud Player Portal has only strengthened its mobile offering.
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