CA Technologies Puts Application Performance Monitoring in Cloud

CA Technologies Puts Application Performance Monitoring in Cloud

ca technologiesCA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) is introducing a cloud-based version of its Application Performance Monitoring (APM) technology. Called CA APM as-a-Service, the CA-hosted offering puts the company’s previously on-premise only technology into a cloud-based model that makes it easier for managed service providers to consume.  Here are the details.

First, some background. CA has offered an APM technology for the last 13 years, but it has been offered only on-premise. I spoke with CA’s director of product management Aid Galijatovic and senior product marketing manager Jason Meserve this week about the company’s creation of SaaS version of the technology.

The idea behind the SaaS-based version of CA’s APM may sound familiar. The offering lets organizations pay for a service on a subscription basis rather than worry about spending a large sum on a capital investment in technology. It potentially brings the benefits of  APM to a much broader set of customers. That's more important now as so many organizations are leveraging hybrid IT environments.

For instance, while outsourcing various applications such as salesforce automation may have simplified some facets of the business and made them accessible to a wide array of companies, it has added complexity to IT monitoring and the guarantee of service levels. There are many more points of problems and failure for these implementations than there had been when it was just a server on premise and on the LAN.

CA points out that its APM technology has been tested and proven in large and dynamic enterprise environments and can monitor billions of transactions in the data center, public and private clouds or hybrid environments. That makes it well suited for monitoring the complex IT environments that companies have created in the cloud era.

CA says its solution also measures end-user transaction performance for applications deployed in the data center or cloud to demonstrate delivery against service level agreements (SLAs).  The technology enables technicians to identify problems and diagnose them across the entire IT infrastructure, including in third-party applications hosted in the cloud.

The technology requires MSPs to deploy agents for application monitoring. Pricing is on an annual subscription basis, depending upon the number of agents deployed.



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