NephoScale, WebFWD Partner on Free Cloud Infrastructure Photo by Daniel Y. Go. Licensed under Creative Commons.

NephoScale, WebFWD Partner on Free Cloud Infrastructure

NephoScale has partnered with Mozilla's WebFWD to provide free cloud infrastructure and design consultation services to startup companies.

Startups connected to Mozilla’s WebFWD startup accelerator company will have access to free cloud infrastructure and design consultation services due to a partnership formed between WebFWD and cloud infrastructure services platform provider NephoScale.

Through the 12-month Kick Start Program that launched this month, WebFWD’s startups will get help in designing and automating their cloud infrastructure environments, opening up the benefits of cloud computing to them while enabling them to focus more on developing and scaling their applications.

“We at Mozilla WebFWD are committed to partnering with vendors and service providers that provide significant benefit to our companies. NephoScale was interesting for us given its next-generation cloud infrastructure platform, high-touch onboarding, excellent technical support and deep understanding of application delivery in the cloud,” said Diane Bisgeier, program manager for WebFWD, in a prepared statement.

According to Telemachus Luu, NephoScale’s co-founder and CTO, the platform “built for developers by developers” will help software developer startups create their features faster and deliver applications more reliably.

Putting this kind of cloud infrastructure in the hands of startups should give the various companies that fall under WebFWD’s mandate an advantage in getting their businesses operating while being able to focus on the development of the applications. With any luck, they’ll be able to get their apps developed, tested and in the market quicker and more efficiently.

Currently, WebFWD is working with seven startups that recently were admitted to its “accelerator class.” These include codebender, Harp Platform, Linklib,, Sketchfab, and Wercker. Many of the applications the startups are developing take advantage of the cloud in various ways, whether it’s leveraging Dropbox for the creation of a development platform (such as Harp Platform) or building a continuous deployment SaaS platform that “helps developers reduce risk and eliminate waste in their software development process (such as Wercker).

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