Intermedia Success Proves Strong SMB Cloud Migration

Intermedia Success Proves Strong SMB Cloud Migration

Intermedia is showing strong growth in its one-stop cloud shop business model. As part of its growth, it has acquired AccessLine, a cloud-based voice services firm.

It's not a month of sunrises and customer wins for every cloud provider, but there's good news out there. And some of that good news shows just how viable the cloud provider model really is. Take the recent wins and growing business of Intermedia, a Mountain View, Calif.-based provider that has positioned itself as a provider of what it calls "Office in the Cloud" services.

Like many other cloud providers, Intermedia talks itself up as a one-stop shop for SMB customers, providing that one throat to choke should things go wrong or—hopefully—one back to pat. The company provides cloud services including hosted Exchange, hosted PBX, SecuriSync file sync and share, security and mobility. It's a bit of everything in one tidy package. Customers get the benefit of having one number to call, but Intermedia has had its share of setbacks.

For the most part, though, the company is doing well as a cloud provider and growing its services and base of customers.

Most recently, Intermedia expanded once again with the acquisition of AccessLine, a cloud voice services business with $38 million in revenue. AccessLine is a big boost to Intermedia's cloud-based communications business, and it's something that will have a positive impact on Intermedia's network of VAR and MSP partners.

Including the nearly $40 million in annual revenue AccessLine immediately adds, Intermedia is doing $140 million in revenue annually. How is it doing that? The company has attracted more than 700,000 users and 90,000 businesses as customers. It also provides those customers with access to 25 cloud business applications delivered from 10 data centers around the planet.

Backing up its customers and partners are 600 employees.

Although not every cloud provider is representing that kind of userbase and annual sales, it does show that there is good business to be done—even if your company's name isn't Amazon (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT) or Google (GOOG).

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