BeyondTrust Auditor for Google Apps Offers Real-Time Compliance Reporting

BeyondTrust Auditor for Google Apps Offers Real-Time Compliance Reporting

BeyondTrust's latest product, PowerBroker Auditor for Google Apps, combines real-time compliance reporting and auditing with context-aware security.

The channel keeps making Google's (GOOG) cloud-based productivity apps easier and easier to use in the enterprise. Today, BeyondTrust, which develops software security and compliance solutions, announced the release of a new product, PowerBroker Auditor for Google Apps, for auditing Google's Web applications.

PowerBroker Auditor for Google Apps is designed to serve as a one-stop solution for creating auditing events and generating compliance reports for enterprise IT operations based in the Google cloud. BeyondTrust developed the product, it says, to ease the burden on IT staff who previously had to perform auditing like this manually.

The software, according to BeyondTrust, "allows IT administrators to track and report on a wide range of changes, including: users, groups, roles, email, calendar, chat, mobile and more." The reports it generates can be viewed in real time or saved for later review or archiving purposes, and the Auditor supports exporting some reports to Excel, PDF and Word for further analysis and collaboration.

And last but not least, PowerBroker Auditor is free (if not Free) software. It's available for download with no cost from BeyondTrust's website starting today.

This is BeyondTrust's first product release to reflect its acquisition back in December 2012 of Blackbird Group. At the time, BeyondTrust said it hoped to leverage Blackbird's real-time auditing technology. The auditing product for Google Apps is a clear example of the fruits of the acquisition, with BeyondTrust offering a solution that has live reporting features as one of its main selling points.

The product release is also the latest step in BeyondTrust's efforts to distinguish itself from other security and compliance vendors by focusing on what it calls "context-aware security intelligence." That means, according to the company, leveraging all information at hand to react to security threats as quickly as possible.

For the cloud, a realm in which more and more enterprises are realizing that their security strategies may not yet be totally thought-through, context-aware, real-time security will no doubt be welcome.

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