SolidFire Unveils VMware, Cisco Support for All-Flash Storage

SolidFire Unveils VMware, Cisco Support for All-Flash Storage

SolidFire has added a pre-validated reference design for all-flash converged infrastructure storage for Cisco and VMware.

SolidFire has moved to capitalize on demand for all-flash storage systems in virtual data centers, with the announcement at VMworld this week of support for Cisco Systems (CSCO) and VMware (VMW) in its converged storage platform.

The new software, a part of the company's AI for Virtual Infrastructure products, joins SolidFire's previous offerings in flash-based storage for OpenStack clouds by providing a pre-validated reference design for VMware and Cisco virtual platforms. The solution "enables accelerated deployment of a dynamic IT infrastructure that allows for unprecedented consolidation of mixed application workloads onto a single platform," according to the company.

In addition to expanding integrated, flash-based storage solutions for virtual data centers, SolidFire's new product leverages QoS features to allow organizations to isolate workloads within share storage infrastructure. That means enterprises can use a single, flash-based storage resource to power desktops, servers, databases and other types of platforms simultaneously.

SolidFire also said its storage technology can deliver efficiency rates of up to 1,350 percent on shared workloads by taking advantage of inline data reduction, including deduplication, compression and thin provisioning.

"Enterprise IT departments are under considerable pressure to deliver IT services with greater speed, agility and efficiency than ever before," said SolidFire’s Founder and CEO Dave Wright. "AI for Virtual Infrastructure provides enterprises with a proven roadmap for deployment that takes advantage of the scalability, automation and guaranteed performance control native to SolidFire’s all-flash array. With AI, customers confidently consolidate mixed workloads onto a single platform in significantly less time, with less space and for less money than alternative converged infrastructure offerings."

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