Basho Adds Scalability, S3 API Compatibility to Riak NoSQL Storage

Basho Adds Scalability, S3 API Compatibility to Riak NoSQL Storage

Riak CS 1.5, the latest open source NoSQL distributed storage database from Basho, introduces several new features, including expanded Amazon S3 storage API compatibility.

Riak CS 1.5, the latest release of the open source distributed NoSQL database for cloud storage from Basho, is out this week, with new features aimed at enhancing performance, scalability, Amazon S3 compatibility and more.

The newest iteration of the company's distributed storage platform is available as a community-supported version, called simply Riak CS 1.5. In addition, the company offers Riak CS Enterprise, which provides extra features, including storage replication across multiple data centers, dedicated monitoring and around-the-clock professional support.

As a point release, Riak CS (the CS stands for "cloud storage," by the way) 1.5 brings updates that are largely incremental in nature, yet still innovative in the maturing world of NoSQL storage. Key enhancements in the new version include:

  • Greater compatibility with the Amazon S3 storage API.
  • Faster garbage collection for databases.
  • Updated administrative features that "make organizational tasks easier for activities such as cluster management, monitoring and troubleshooting," according to Basho.
  • Multi-cluster support in Riak CS 1.5 Enterprise that allows "multiple Riak clusters to reside under a single CS namespace," the company said, "thereby expanding the maximum capacity of a single cluster." This feature is currently available in technology-preview mode.

Basho hopes its NoSQL distributed storage platform will continue to attract enterprises in need of highly scalable cloud-based storage that is also stable and easy to administer. "Companies dealing with large amounts of unstructured data like videos, images and documents are adopting cloud object storage so that data is highly available through a seamlessly scalable architecture," according to the company. "Businesses in industries such as broadcasting and telecommunications are relying on stability, integration functionality and performance of Riak CS to efficiently store, organize and access data while making it simple to manage."

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