Spiceworks State of IT Survery: Budgets, Cloud Services Spending to Increase

Spiceworks State of IT Survery: Budgets, Cloud Services Spending to Increase

Spiceworks' annual State of IT survey finds IT budgets and adoption of cloud services are expected to increase within the next year, while the number of supported mobile devices has reached an all-time high.

IT advisory company Spiceworks released its annual State of IT report this week, as the company once again rounds up some of the biggest trends happening in the industry.

This year’s survey of more than 1,100 IT pros found that overall IT budgets are expected to grow within the next year, while cloud services (most notably in the areas of backup and recovery) are expected to increase drastically in both North America and EMEA. The number of personally owned mobile devices in the workplace is also on the rise as BYOD takes hold.

For this year’s survey, Spiceworks surveyed 1,121 IT pros of varying industries throughout North America and EMEA, ranging from small businesses with fewer than 19 employees all the way to companies with 500 or more employees. Of those surveyed, 42 percent of respondents said they plan to increase their annual budget plans over the next year, with an average budget of $253,389 total. Only 16 percent said they planned to decrease their budgets, with the remaining 28 percent planning to keep their budgets the same. The average North American budget came in at $267,743, with EMEA landing at $228,887 on average.

Unsurprisingly, the use of online backup and recovery services is expected to increase in both markets within the next six months as more and more companies latch onto the growing opportunities provided by remote services. Spiceworks found that 65 percent of North American respondents currently use cloud services, compared to 56 percent of IT pros in EMEA. An additional 8 percent of companies plan to adopt cloud services within the next six months, whereas 27 percent of companies say the have no plans to adopt cloud services. Among the companies who plan on adopting some form of cloud services within the next six months, online backup and recovery was the most popular solution, with productivity solutions and infrastructure following in second and third place, respectively.

And finally, the number of smartphones and tablets supported by IT pros has increased, with an average of 92 smartphones and 38 tablets being supported by each company. Currently, 74 percent of IT pros have adopted smartphones, with an additional 7 percent planning to add support in the following six months. Adoption levels for tablets are slightly lower, with 63 percent currently supporting tablets and an additional 11 percent planning to support more devices in the next six months. Overall, a whopping 68 percent of all IT pros surveyed said they support corporate BYOD policies, while 32 percent do not.

While none of this year’s major findings could be categorized as shocking, it is nice to see that both budgets and cloud services support are expected to grow within the next year. While it is still too early to accurately tell what the next year may hold for the IT industry, positive projections can go a long way toward improving the overall morale of the channel and driving improvements for IT pros and consumers alike.

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