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HP First to OEM Fusion-io Atomic Series Platform

Fusion-io has revealed that HP will be the first OEM to offer the company's new Atomic Series flash memory platform to enterprise users. Fusion-io and HP plan to make the Atomic Series compatible with HP ProLiant servers for vastly increased server speeds and increased memory options for users.

At the HP Discover 2014 conference in Las Vegas, flash memory provider Fusion-io (FIO) announced that Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) would be the first OEM server partner to offer its new Atomic Series, the company’s latest flash memory platform for enterprise users. The Atomic Series is capable of holding up to 6.4TB per product and can be integrated directly into the HP ProLiant Servers for application acceleration in the workplace, according to Fusion-io.

“Customers expect integrated solutions, combined from leading hardware and software companies to drive tangible business value,” said Ian Whiting, Fusion-io's executive vice president of Global Field Operations, in a prepared statement. “Our latest collaboration with HP on Atomic Series enables breakthrough performance to applications, delivering the right information, to the right users at the right time.”

Fusion-io announced its Atomic Series last week, touting its new flash solution as the latest in SSD technology capable of storing information in a fraction of the space needed for previous devices. The company said placing an Atomic Series directly into HP servers would allow customers to benefit from dramatic database transaction performance acceleration and provide real-time intelligence for business insights.

The agreement to pair the Atomic Series with HP ProLiant is the latest in a long history of collaboration between the companies, including work on several reference architectures, according to Fusion-io. Earlier this week, HP also revealed information on its new Helion Network for secure hybrid IT environments, as well as two new HP Apollo supercomputers, including the first liquid-cooled supercomputer at the high-performance sector of the market.

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