Qumulo Launches First Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS

Qumulo Launches First Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS

The Qumulo Core NAS solution is being billed as the world's first data-aware scare-out network attached storage solution for enterprises.

Enterprise data storage vendor Qumulo announced the launch of Qumulo Core, the industry’s first data-aware scale-out network-attached storage solution. Qumulo expects its NAS solution to help companies store and sort through myriad data in different formats with greater ease.

The solution builds real-time data analytics into storage to give users more visibility into their data and storage resources at scale, according to the announcement. By providing users with greater visibility into their files, Qumulo hopes to help enterprise users increase their workflow performance and storage efficiency.

“Enterprise data storage vendors have worked hard to make 'buy more storage' the answer to every problem, but that doesn’t help businesses manage data,” said Peter Godman, Qumulo CEO and co-founder, in a statement. “Qumulo has spent the last three years working hand in hand with customers to build the first data-aware scale-out NAS solution for the enterprise, enabling organizations to manage, store and curate an enormous number of digital assets with a simple, efficient and cost-effective new storage solution.”


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The solution is powered by the Qumulo Scalable File System, which combines commodity hardware with flash and spinning disk technology to give users a balance of price and performance, according to the company.

The Qumulo Core can be run as a user application on top of a Linux operating system with hardware either provided by Qumulo or approved for use with the solution. The company said the software-only solution will allow users to access real-time analytics for data storage and management via a SaaS software delivery model.

The company also announced the Qumulo Q0626 hybrid storage appliance, a new 1U node with 24TV of raw hard drive space and 1.6TB of raw SSD capacity. The company said its hybrid storage cluster can be scaled from four to more than 100 nodes in a single cluster and namespace to increase capacity.

Both solutions are available now, with the Qumulo Q0626 costing $50,000 for an entry-level cluster.

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