FoundationDB Unveils ACID-Compliant NoSQL Document Database

FoundationDB Unveils ACID-Compliant NoSQL Document Database

Storage vendor FoundationDB is working on a new document database to enhance adoption of its ACID-compliant NoSQL database technology.

FoundationDB, an increasingly important player in the world of NoSQL databases, hopes to extend its storage offerings further with a new, ACID-compliant document database that runs on top of the company's key-value store engine, according to reports.

The Register writes that FoundationDB, which is one of several database vendors working to develop the ecosystem for NoSQL, non-relational databases, is working on a document layer, with plans to roll it out in the new year.

That could be a particularly important innovation within the database and storage world because it would help NoSQL appeal to more customers. So far, NoSQL's promise of delivering greater scalability and flexibility has been partially offset by the weak ACID support of many NoSQL databases as compared to traditional databases. Since ACID ensures that data transactions are reliable, poor ACID compatibility is a significant hurdle to NoSQL adoption.

But FoundationDB has made ACID support a priority for its NoSQL technology from the start, allowing it to stand out from other NoSQL storage vendors. And version 3.0 of the company's key-value store, which it released last month, improved its ACID compatibility—as well as speed—even more.

Working from this base, FoundationDB's new document database likely will make it easier still for organizations to adopt the company's solutions for their storage needs. It's a safe bet this company will emerge as one of the winners of the storage wars.

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