ScaleXtreme Offers Cloud Management Without Infrastructure

Cloud-based management company ScaleXtreme has launched an "early access" program for its cloud-based management product. If you're a system administrator, or an MSP looking for a better way to handle your customer's private, public or Amazon EC2 cloud environment, ScaleExtreme believes it can help you with via its web portal. No big deployments necessary -- just a simple install.

From a single pane of glass in your favorite web browser, ScaleXtreme's technology manages an entire organization's worth of servers, clouds and physical or virtual machines, running on any virtualization platform. ScaleXtreme's software allows administrators to go from at-a-glance to granular, finding out what kind of file-based activity is going on, while also monitoring system software inventories. All an admin or MSP has to do is run ScaleXtreme installer on their servers, and in a few minutes, they'll be connected to ScaleXtreme's portal.

ScaleXtreme is positioning its product against similar offerings from IBM and HP, but is shaking things up by providing a per-hour pricing model along with subscription-based models, zero hardware needed. This bucks the trend of more traditional and lengthy deployment with expensive price tags. With this strategy, ScaleXtreme hopes it can 'scale' accordingly with customers to be a more affordable solution. Here's a simpler analogy: It's for your cloud management.

ScaleXtreme's cloud management console will also include a bonus script "app store" that helps admins download, share and upload their own scrips to automate tasks in their cloud environment. These scripts can go into effect instantly without any special configuration, streamlining the process of creating a productive environment and reducing time spent on implementation. Currently, users can create a free account and try out the portal and features today. The aforementioned paid licenses and per-hour subscriptions will arrive when the final product hits digital shelves.

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