SCALE 10x Shows CSPs How to Build A Cloud on Open Source

SCALE 10x Shows CSPs How to Build A Cloud on Open Source

At the 2012 Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 10x, Jan. 20-22, Los Angeles), open source upstarts and technology giants will make a similar claim: For cloud services providers (CSPs) to truly succeed, they'll say, your strategy will need a healthy dose of open source and Linux. But what exactly can CSPs expect to hear at SCALE 10x?

Keep a close eye on SCALE 10X's "Build An Open Source Cloud Day," which includes such guest speakers and topics as:

  • Mark Hinkle, director of Citrix's Cloud Computing Community, providing big-picture introductions.

  • A look at the Xen Cloud Platform from Lars Kurth, representing Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) combines  the Xen hypervisor with security, storage and network virtualization technologies. In theory, that all adds up to virtual infrastructure cloud services.

  • David Nalley, CloudStack Community Manager, describing how to build a cloud using CloudStack, an open source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform.

  • Matt Ray and Aaron Peterson, describing how to automate your cloud with Opscode Chef -- which allows cloud services providers to integrate monitoring and trending tools with applications.

  • Eric Shamow, describing how developers can use Puppet -- an open source configuration management and automation tool -- to automatically deploy a cloud infrastructure.

  • John Mark Walker, describing how GlusterFS can help cloud builders with storage. Red Hat acquired Gluster in 2011.

  • Simon Jakesch, showing attendees how Zenoss allows managed services providers (MSPs) and cloud services providers (CSPs) to monitor, manage and configure cloud infrastructure -- including networks, servers and applications.

Ironically, Talkin' Cloud does not see OpenStack and Eucalyptus (two open source software platforms) on the Open Source Cloud Day agenda. But it looks like Jesse Andrews will offer a State of OpenStack update on Saturday, January 21. Also that day, David Kavanagh will offer a past, present and future look at installing Eucalyptus.

Open Source's Role in the Cloud

No doubt, open source plays a big roll in cloud computing. But Talkin' Cloud wants to be careful not to evangelize open source as a magic bullet solution that solves all cloud challenges.

Most of the cloud services providers (CSPs) we track offer blended open source and closed source solutions to build and manage their cloud services. Yes, Linux certainly provides a foundation in many cases but don't forget that VMware is nearly ubiquitous in the cloud, and Microsoft Exchange ranks among the most widely hosted email platforms in the cloud.

On the cloud monitoring front, we hear from CSPs who leverage a mix of closed source and open source options.

Even open source evangelists like Rackspace see rapidly growing demand for Windows Server, Exchange Server and other closed source systems in the cloud.

Still, SCALE 10X should give cloud services providers a healthy reality check on the state of open source in cloud computing.

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