Salesforce Acquires Cloud Integrator Model Metrics has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire cloud service provider and mobile integrator Model Metrics for an undisclosed sum. Apparently, Salesforce is looking to expand its mobile and social plays, and it thinks that Model Metrics can get it there.

“The addition of Model Metrics’ mobile and social expertise will accelerate’s ability to lead the shift to the social enterprise and empower partners to develop their social enterprise practice," said newly installed COO George Hu in a prepared statement.

It's interesting that Hu singles out Model Metrics as a partner-focused acquisition: By now, you're probably sick of hearing about the Salesforce Social Enterprise initiative, but it's a key part of the cloud CRM platform provider's strategy, and it has always given a lot of lip service to taking partners along for the ride.

Model Metrics, in its previous life a Salesforce partner with more than 1,000 deployments under its belt, specialized in developing mobile applications that bridged the gap between a customer's smartphone or tablet and their cloud data according to their specific needs. If Model Metrics can teach that strategy to Salesforce's partners -- maybe even helping resellers become mobile ISVs -- it could boost business all around.

The acquisition is expected to close in the fourth quarter, which Salesforce closes at the end of January 2012. We'll be watching closely for updates -- I'm especially interested to hear what happens to Model Metrics' executive team.

And meanwhile, Salesforce is going to announce its third-quarter financials Nov. 17. But if the company is making acquisitions, it's a fair bet how that's going to go.

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