ProviDyn Unveils Cloud-Based Web Security for SMBs, Non-Profits

ProviDyn Unveils Cloud-Based Web Security for SMBs, Non-Profits

IT support, strategy and services provider ProviDyn has launched a cloud-based web security offering to help SMBs and non-profit organizations implement and maintain a secure environment for web access.

ProviDyn, a provider of IT support, strategy and services for the  SMB and non-profit organization markets, is now offering a cloud-based web security solution intended to provide those groups with the ability to implement and maintain a secure environment for web access while also allowing for additional controls over employee Internet usage.

Through the cloud-based service, ProviDyn provides customers with a platform for malware protection, content filtering for web traffic and web usage reporting. Really, it aims to provide the best of two worlds—protection from external threats and keeping end users in line and using the Internet in an appropriate manner for the workplace.

In its announcement, ProviDyn noted the importance of maintaining a greater level of control over employees' Internet usage to ensure significant protection from malware and in enforcing corporate guidelines for web surfing and Internet access. Combined with web usage reporting, the ProviDyn cloud service should provide additional protection against both internal and external threats—at least within the four walls of the organization.

With more and more threats being detected and coming in through the growing number of mobile devices making their way into organizations through BYOD strategies, a service such as this seems a little outdated without a mobility option. But even so, it's difficult—if not impossible—to completely lock down employees when they're using their own mobile devices both inside and outside the company.

Still, ProviDyn promises a few key benefits, including:

  • Increased protection from malware and phishing attacks.
  • Visibility and control of site traffic and Internet use by employees.
  • The means to develop awareness of internal Internet usage.
  • Reporting of corporate web traffic.

"This platform allows our clients to have a much greater understanding of how their organization is using the Internet, ensuring that employees are accessing the web as they should be, and creating further protection against threats to their network," noted Hamish Davidson, president and CEO of ProviDyn, in a prepared statement.

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