MetaVis Introduces Admin for Office 365 SharePoint

MetaVis Introduces Admin for Office 365 SharePoint

MetaVis has introduced new administration capabilities for Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint to provide customers with reporting and administration features in the cloud.

MetaVis Technologies, a provider of information management solutions for Microsoft (MSFT) SharePoint and cloud platforms, is hoping to provide SharePoint Office 365 customers with easy access to the software's reporting and administration capabilities in the cloud.

MetaVis unveiled new SharePoint administration and analytic capabilities designed to help organizations better manage, secure and control their content in the cloud. According to the company, SharePoint administrators can use its solutions to use a single interface for access to centralized reporting and actionable management to gain insight into their SharePoint farms or Office 365 tenancies. The end goal is improved decision-making and better governance.

"We heard from our Office 365 customers as well as our hosted SharePoint customers that they need an easy-to-install and -use enterprise solution to better understand the content they have in the cloud and need daily management tools to secure and administer that content," said Peter Senescu, president and co-founder of MetaVis Technologies, in a prepared statement.

MetaVis is aiming to go head-to-head with competing offerings by making its own product simpler to install while also not requiring on-premise servers. Instead, the company's solutions are focused on and reside in the cloud.

One of the reasons for these new controls is enterprises are demanding tighter security and greater control over their data and apps as they migrate to the cloud. Essentially, they're looking for the same kind of controls they have over on-premise solutions, but in the cloud.

And making more intelligent decisions is something all organizations are interested in as their IT gets cloudier.

A few of the key features in MetaVis' SharePoint administration offering include:

  • Centralized SharePoint reporting.
  • The ability to predict SharePoint growth and plan accordingly.
  • Business intelligence through the monitoring of user activity.
  • The ability to take action based on information learned from reports.
  • Management of security and permissions.
  • Organizational functions around SharePoint.
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