Box CEO Aaron Levie sees big opportunities to add business intelligence to shared content

Box CEO Aaron Levie sees big opportunities to add business intelligence to shared content.

GoodData, Box Enable Customers to Process, Analyze Collaborative Team Data

GoodData and Box are partnering on a cloud-based application. It provides Box users with the ability to process, view and analyze data about the effectiveness of collaborative teams.

A new cloud app from GoodData and Box is meant to help Box customers process, view and analyze key business data to get more insight into the effective of "highly collaborative" teams. The app, dubbed GoodBox Bash, aims to provide end-users with greater insight to optimize efficiency and strategic decision-making across company organizations.

According to the vendors, GoodBox Bash gives customers a "visually intuitive" data analysis application that can help them manage content using best practices, KPIs and dashboards. Considering the number of users (hundreds of thousands, according to Box) now using the storage and collaboration, this could go a long way towards ensuring organizations have greater visibility into their Box data and how teams are using the service.

"Enterprises are simultaneously facing a deluge of data and a deficit of real, actionable intelligence about how information is shared and used to drive their business," said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box, in a statement. "That lack of understanding leads to risk and lost productivity. The combination of GoodData and Box solves this challenge by giving IT an unprecedented amount of visibility and real-time analytics around their business content. It's the foundation for a more secure, efficient and intelligent enterprise."

The companies noted that the addition of GoodBox Box customer accounts provides added content security and monitoring. It gives end-user customizable alerting and monitoring so IT departments -- or perhaps channel partners -- can track individual usage and patterns across the entire enterprise. That should be some good insight to have, but the added ability to tie Box usage to other business KPIs tracked in GoodData could make the app even more valuable.

"We live in a new age of enterprise software -- pioneered by companies like Box and GoodData," said Roman Stanek, CEO and founder of GoodData, in a prepared statement. "Customers are no longer tied to old-fashioned, inbred software that locks them into rigid and costly technologies. In today's cloud economy, organizations can finally have the freedom to combine apps in fascinating new ways to satisfy changing business needs."

We'll have to wait and see whether GoodBox Bash actually lives up to the promises Box and GoodData are touting.

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