Attunity Launches File Replication, Managed File Transfer on Amazon S3

Attunity Launches File Replication, Managed File Transfer on Amazon S3

Attunity is adding file replication and managed file transfer to its list of CloudBeam services on Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (S3).

Attunity is expanding the cloud services it offers in Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) five months after the company completed the beta of its Attunity CloudBeam platform. The two new services include file replication and managed file transfer that tie into AWS S3.

The two services have been in public beta for a little while, but now that all the quirks should be worked out, the new CloudBeam services are ready for general availability. According to Attunity, both services were developed to offer high-performance and fully managed secure data transfer capabilities designed with moving Big Data to and from on-premise data centers and AWS S3 in mind.

Basically, that's the core capability of CloudBeam. The SaaS platform launched in November on Amazon as a service to transfer data to, from and between cloud environments. The new file replication service has been integrated with AWS S3 with the goal of providing affordable and reliable file replication and synchronization of files and folders between data centers and S3. Attunity hopes to enable customers' business-critical initiatives such as disaster recovery, backup and data distribution.

The managed file transfer service was designed to upload files quickly and securely to S3 while providing automated, fully audited and recoverable file transfers to support business intelligence and analytics, archiving and content availability.

"Our solution is designed to eliminate data-transfer bottlenecks with its unique ability to handle high-capacity, high-volume data with high performance and parallelized data delivery streaming—technology which combats low bandwidth line challenges," said Matt Benati, vice president of Global Marketing at Attunity, in a prepared statement.

There's an opportunity for channel partners to build on services already offered through Attunity. The company works with systems integrators and consultants in bringing its cloud services to market, and the consultative approach strikes me as the best approach in working with Attunity. As customers continue to figure out how to deal with Big Data and look to the cloud for backup and disaster recovery for such data, there's a strong channel opportunity to play the trusted adviser role and help make that a reality—while keeping everything secure, naturally.

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