Attunity Brings CloudBeam Data Transfer SaaS Out of Beta Photo courtesy of Filosofias filosoficas under Creative Commons License

Attunity Brings CloudBeam Data Transfer SaaS Out of Beta

Attunity is going live with its CloudBeam fully managed data transfer SaaS on Amazon Web Services S3. The service is now out of beta and ready for commercial consumption.

Sometimes a month makes all the difference. Attunity launched the public beta of its CloudBeam data transfer SaaS on Amazon (NASDAQ: AWS) Web Services Simple Storage Service (S3) earlier in November, and now the company has officially launched its new service to the public.

Attunity CloudBeam saw its official premiere at this week's AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. With a completed beta testing phase, Attunity is bringing the data transfer SaaS to customers with two key services to kick things off--the ability to upload data to S3 while ensuring control and security, and the ability to replicate across cloud AWS S3 regions without the need to install, configure or manage any software. According to Attuniy, this will provide customers with disaster recovery and content availability features--two hot topics since the unfortunate damage done by Hurricane Sandy in recent weeks.

As Talkin' Cloud noted in early November, Attunity first announced CloudBeam back in July when it launched the private beta to select customers. Designed to be a simple cloud service for high-performance solutions that move Big Data in, out and across AWS cloud data centers, CloudBeam is now ready to sink or swim as a cloud service. But considering the time in beta and development, perhaps Attunity will do quite alright with this service, which is bound to find some demand among customers that need to move their massive amounts of data between AWS regions.

"Attunity CloudBeam is designed to support many important initiatives, including BI/analytics, content availability, disaster recovery, backup and archive," said Matt Benati, vice president of global marketing at Attunity, in a prepared statement. "One of the most interesting use cases we have seen so far during beta is of a customer using our solution for content distribution. This content distributor has been testing Attunity CloudBeam to load videos multiple times per day on a global scale. Data volumes for this service are expected to reach 20 terabytes per month and are managed in combination with AWS S3 so the company's local offices can easily access and deliver it."

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