The 7 Most Likeable SaaS CEOs

We’ve already explored what traits the best CEOs have in common, but who exactly are the most likeable CEOs in the SaaS industry? Owler has released its 2017 Owler National Likeability Study which evaluates how well liked CEOs are relative to their peers and a broader set of CEOs across tech, finance, pharma, retail, healthcare, insurance and others.

The study is based on Owler’s proprietary algorithm which evaluates the weighting of CEO’s review based on the person who rated the CEO, so input from employees, followers, competitors and other stakeholders are weighted differently.

It’s a good time to be in SaaS, particularly in the enterprise, with SaaS vendors growing 32 percent year on year in Q4 2016, reaching almost $13 billion in quarterly revenues.

To find out who are the most likeable SaaS CEOs, click through the slideshow. 

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