Google Rolls Out Security Features for Drive for Work

Google Rolls Out Security Features for Drive for Work

Google is updating its recently announced Google Drive for Work with new security features that provide more control, security and visibility into organizations' shared files.

Google Drive for Work only launched last month, but Google (GOOG) is already at work boosting the features around it. In this round of new features and functionality, Google focused on the security of Drive at Work, seemingly taking to heart any concerns organizations might have about using the popular cloud productivity tool for business purposes.

Google is rolling out "advanced security" for Drive for Work, with the main addition being an auditing feature that provides organizations with control, security and visibility into how their files are being shared. That's certainly an important feature that could draw additional attention from the Google Apps community and the general Google customer base.

According to a blog post written by Chuck Coulson, head of Google Apps and Drive technology partnerships, the new security feature was designed to help customers and their IT managers protect confidential information while also gaining insights into how their employees work.

"Drive audit helps IT admins view activity on documents, such as uploading and downloading files, renaming files, editing and commenting, and sharing with others," Coulson wrote. "Filters make it easy to sort and find details like IP address, date range, document title and owner's email address. To make advanced auditing reports easier to manage, admins can set up alerts for important events like files being shared outside the organization."

Technology partners have also been pulled in to complement the auditing functions of Drive for Work. The partners, which have tied into the security technology via the Drive Audit API, include:

  • Backupify, which protects data using secure, automatic, daily backup. It enables organizations to search and restore files with advanced administrative features, reducing the risk of permanently losing data due to data loss caused by user error, malicious deletions, hackers and application errors.
  • BetterCloud, which provides additional controls and insights using its FlashPanel cloud management and security tool.
  • CloudLock, which provides pure-cloud data loss prevention (DLP) for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. The vendor has released a new version of its product specifically for Google Drive to enable enterprises to extend their security controls to the cloud.
  • SkyHigh, which also provides DLP, as well as mobile-to-cloud support, application auditing, data discovery and anomaly detection.

Coulson hinted at future partnerships yet to be announced, suggesting Google is currently working with and/or courting other developers to tie into the Drive for Work auditing capabilities to even further enhance the existing features.

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