MuleSoft yesterday unveiled new data integration features for its Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft yesterday unveiled new data integration features for its Anypoint Platform.

MuleSoft Adds New Data Integration Features to Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft has updated its Anypoint Platform, and the most recent version includes new security certifications for CloudHub and templates to help businesses solve Salesforce (CRM) integration challenges.

MuleSoft has unveiled new data integration features for its Anypoint Platform. The platform features a service-oriented architecture (SOA), software-as-a-service (SaaS) integration and application program interfaces (APIs).

MuleSoft said the new release allows users "to be successful at all stages along the continuum of integration from point-to-point data sync to service orchestration."

The company also said its new release offers:

  • Integrated batch capabilities
  • New security certifications for CloudHub
  • Salesforce (CRM) integration templates

Anypoint Platform connects enterprise and SaaS applications. MuleSoft noted the new release is designed to provide "a faster, easier way to deliver data to business applications" and enables users to connect to their apps both on-premises and in the cloud.

Ken Yagen, MuleSoft's vice president of products, commented on the release in a prepared statement:

"SaaS is driving new requirements for application and data integration, as well as increased expectations in terms of the speed to market. With this latest release, MuleSoft is meeting the challenge with new core enhancements to our platform. Anypoint Platform is leading the way for enterprises to connect SaaS and uniquely addresses the connectivity needs of today's companies."

MuleSoft supports thousands of businesses worldwide and has received $131 million in total financing since 2006.

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