Gaurav Rewari founder and CEO of Numerify

Gaurav Rewari, founder and CEO of Numerify

Numerify Launches Turnkey Cloud Business Analytics Offering

Cloud business analytics newcomer Numerify has emerged from stealth with Numerify360, which the company is positioning as a cloud-based 360-degree view of the IT business.

A newcomer to the cloud-based business analytics market has emerged from stealth to launch its first product. Numerify's Numerify360 is being positioned as a solution for IT that provides a way to transform the way IT departments use analytics to drive transparency, accountability and efficiency through visibility and intelligence across a variety of IT services.

Numerify360 for IT was designed to be a pre-built, turnkey application for business analytics, and according to the company, it provides customers with operational and financial insights to optimize their IT investments.

It's anchored on ServiceNow and integrates data from IT, operations and finance systems into a "dimensionally conformed, cloud data warehouse."

"Numerify360 for IT gives IT executives charged with running the 'business of IT' the tools they need to measure like a CFO so they can manage like a CEO," said Gaurav Rewari, founder and CEO of Numerify, in a prepared statement. "Architected from the ground up for a world in which data relevant for decision-making is often dispersed across cloud and on-premise sources, Numerify360 applications extend the power of the SaaS delivery model from the operational to the analytical layer."

Numerify notes a few key benefits of its new offering:

  • Pre-built applications that address issues such as backlog performance, agent productivity, SLA adherence, root cause analysis and cost of service reduction.
  • Tailored business views delivered through interactive dashboards, "pixel-perfect" layouts, rich visualizations, email alerts, mobile applications and self-service, visual data exploration tools.
  • Multi-source data integration, columnar storage, in-memory cubes, logical modeling and advanced visualizations packaged as a subscription-based solution.
  • Customers can extend and customize the application to meet the needs specific to their business goals.
  • The underlying platform is built on analytical technology that combines data from multiple cloud or on-premise sources and applies mathematical modeling techniques to uncover trends, correlations, ranks, benchmarks and other relationships hidden within the data.

"We are moving our IT services to a 100 percent cloud model,” said Mike Kail, vice president of IT Operations at Netflix, a Numerify customer, in a prepared statement. "Numerify's cloud analytics give us a deep understanding of both the nature of our IT incidents and the measurable quality of our service response. Further, it gives us the flexibility to answer new questions as they arise, allowing us to bring the power of analytics to drive service improvement that is continuous and long-lasting."

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