SaaS Help Desk Zendesk Reaches Out to Google Apps Users

Zendesk, provider of the namesake SaaS help-desk solution, announced it is bringing Google and Facebook single-sign-on to its offering. In other words, users only need their Google Apps or Facebook social networking login to get into the Zendesk system. Why is this significant? For starters, it has the potential to drastically simplify things for the increasing numbers of SMBs who've made the leap to Google Apps.

It's a common-enough complaint among end users: There are just too many passwords to keep track of. But business users and Google Apps resellers can log into Zendesk using the exact same user name and password that they use to access Google Docs and the rest of Google's productivity suite. And end customers can get into an organization's public-facing Zendesk site through their Facebook credentials. Either way, it keeps things easy.

Google and Facebook are just the latest entrants in the Zendesk stable of compatible single sign-on (SSO) logins. The company already supports OpenID, Windows Active Directory and SAML. But this and other recent announcements lead me to think Zendesk won't stop until it has integrated with every other SaaS offering and platform out there.

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