Report: Red Hat and IBM Joining OpenStack Cloud Effort

It’s certainly been an interesting week on the open source cloud platform front. GigaOm reports that IBM and Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) are planning to announce their respective support for OpenStack, perhaps as early as next week. Neither company was commenting on the deal, but it sounds like a fait accompli, albeit one that hasn’t been announced yet.

If not next week, we may wait for the announcement until the OpenStack Design Summit starting April 16 in San Francisco.

Things really got interesting in the cloud world when Citrix promoted its own CloudStack platform to the Apache open source group, thus creating a competitor—and a possibly formidable one at that—to the OpenStack platform. The IBM and Red Hat development can be seen a plus for OpenStack, founded by NASA and Rackspace in 2010, at a time when many are asking which platform will succeed in this new competitive phase.

Both platforms have substantial support among tech companies. OpenStack has over 158 partners including Dell, HP and Cisco. CloudStack has numerous supporters as well: Juniper Networks, Engine Yard, NetApp, Intel, Equinix and Brocade.

Many consider the CloudStack platform to be more user friendly with better support, while OpenStack supports advanced network functionality. Though we welcome reader feedback on those respective claims.

Will the CloudStack/OpenStack competition become the cloud equivalent of Microsoft vs. Apple? Time will tell and Talkin’ Cloud and our sister blogs will be watching.

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