SolarWinds Nable General Manager JP Jauvin

SolarWinds N-able General Manager JP Jauvin

SolarWinds N-able N-central 10.1: Here's What MSPs Need to Know

SolarWinds N-able has launched N-central 10.1, a new version of its remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. Here are the details.

SolarWinds N-able has launched N-central 10.1, a new version of its remote monitoring and management (RMM) software.

The new release features an integration with N-able MSP Manager, which can help SolarWinds N-able managed service provider partners "in running an efficient, effective and profitable business, using centralized customer knowledge management, simplified ticketing, easy time-tracking and fast and efficient billing," according to the company. 

"SolarWinds N-able designed a solution that will help our partners save technician time, drive profits and improve the customer experience," SolarWinds N-able General Manager JP Jauvin said in a prepared statement. "Through this deep integration, we are delivering the features and functions that our partners have come to expect in a world-class service delivery platform."

In addition, SolarWinds N-able said N-central 10.1 now enables MSPs to:

  • Organize customer devices into groups that reflect how these devices are managed.
  • Initiate a patch cycle on one or more devices on-demand.
  • Schedule patch detection, download, installation and reboot in maintenance windows.

SolarWinds N-able also pointed out N-central 10.1 boasts a new patch wizard that allows service technicians to select an existing profile or create a new one and configure patch windows.

And with the new N-central 10.1 Automation Manager drag-and-drop feature, users can drop an object into a policy and re-drag and drop it into a new spot as needed, SolarWinds N-able said.

So what does N-central 10.1 mean for SolarWinds N-able's MSP partners?

Jauvin noted the new release empowers his company's MSP partners "to resolve problems better and faster, so that they can increase customer trust, operate as world-class service providers and grow their businesses more profitably."

SolarWinds N-able continues to update its portfolio as well.

For example, SolarWinds N-able in October released SolarWinds N-able MSP Anywhere, a remote control access and support platform designed to help MSPs deliver support and repairs to customer systems from a central location.

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