RMM Vendor Pulseway Launches NOC Service Courtesy of Pulseway

RMM Vendor Pulseway Launches NOC Service

The new service – delivered from facilities in Ireland and India – will allow IT services providers to build customized, around-the-clock monitoring and management packages.

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software maker Pulseway today launched around-the-clock network operations center service.

The Dublin, Ireland-based vendor of a feature-rich, mobile-first RMM solution will deliver the service from its own new NOCs in Dublin and Bangalore, India.

Pulseway CEO Marius Mihalec said the new service is the product of partner feedback, and will allow IT services providers to build customized monitoring and management packages.

“When we talk to a lot of MSPs about how can we support them in their growth state, we hear onboarding process; we also learned from talking to a lot of them that a NOC offering is something that would benefit them greatly,” he said.

The new service can be purchased under two broad categories.

An entry-level service includes monitoring, either 24-7 or during selected scheduled hours.

Under that plan, Pulseway’s NOC staff will sift through alerts and escalate any significant issues to the MSP.

“It’s a white-label service,” Mihalec said. “We never talk to your customers.”

A more advanced offering also provides monitoring, but adds in a tech services desk for assigning of routine tasks to NOC engineers.

That service tier also includes active network management for troubleshooting and resolution of alerts.

“We will provide remediation service based on the remediation plan that we’ve developed with you,” Mihalec said. “We’ll notify you of the resolution, or maybe it wasn’t fully solved and we’ll work to improve the action plan.”

Pricing is tailored to the customized service level being purchased.

The NOC activities will be executed through collaboration between the two locations.

“There’s going to be a close relationship between these teams,” Mihalec said.

Pulseway opted to launch its own NOCs rather than outsource as a way to ensure a high-level of service.

“We’re very excited to offer our very own service,” Mihalec said. “You can control the quality much better when you’re doing it on your own, versus a third-party.”


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