Landesk software added new features to its total management suite

Landesk software added new features to its total management suite.

Landesk Adds Several Features to IT Management Solution

Landesk has added several new features to its IT management solution to address IT concerns. Here's what's new.

Landesk Software has made several updates to its IT management solution to assist IT administrators with security, mobility, asset and management challenges.

Announced on Tuesday by the South Jordan, Utah-based IT management company, upgrades to Landesk Management and Security Suites will now allow IT to manage Mac and mobile users from the same console they use for PC clients. Additionally, the Landesk agent will now automatically self-update and self-heal.

The new updates also include Landesk Fuse, a new integrated app portal that allows end users to access IT services from any device.

Landesk Product Management Senior Director Duane Newman said in a prepared statement that IT managers are facing several challenges with managing, maintaining and securing user devices.

"This version makes significant advancements to help IT empower users to access IT resources from their devices, reduce the number of steps IT takes to get users up and running, and speeds the delivery of applications and operating systems anywhere on the network," Newman said.

These updates are now available for purchase in Total User Management Solution, Secure User Management Suite, Management Suite and Security Suite.

For Landesk, its last notable move before this update was its acquisition of LetMobile in May. The terms of the acquisition were not publicly disclosed.

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