LogicNow General Manager Alistair Forbes

LogicNow General Manager Alistair Forbes

MAXfocus Secures Email with RMM Platform Integration, Update

MAXfocus has integrated its MAX MailProtection email security services and MAX MailArchive email archiving services into its MAX RemoteManagement RMM platform, letting managed service providers (MSPs) see everything on a single dashboard.

LogicNow has expanded its MAXfocus remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform's capabilities to make it easier for managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver managed security services via a single dashboard.

The managed services platform provider announced it has integrated its MAX MailProtection email security services and MAX MailArchive email archiving services into its MAX RemoteManagement RMM platform.

The new integration gives MSPs a single-pane-of-glass view into the operational status of their customers' email systems, LogicNow said, and features automatic alerts to help service providers respond to inbound and outbound email delivery issues.

LogicNow General Manager Alistair Forbes said he believes the new integration provides MSPs with a single, simple and effective platform that they can use to manage all of their customers' critical applications.

"MSPs now have a single, efficient solution offering complete insight and control," he said in a prepared statement. "The combination of improved visibility and greater internal efficiency is compelling for MSPs."

LogicNow continues to invest in MSPs

LogicNow officially launched in October after GFI Software disbanded and split into two companies, and Forbes told MSPmentor that the managed services software provider is focused exclusively on ensuring its solutions can help MSPs scale their businesses.

In addition to focusing on its cloud, mobile and on-premise systems, LogicNow is searching for ways to extend its product capabilities through partnerships with vendors that offer complementary technologies, according to Forbes.

"We understand that MSPs have invested in solutions and we want to provide an open platform into which these solutions can be integrated," Forbes noted. "Over the last year, we have built an open integration mechanism that makes it significantly easier for other vendors to integrate into our platform, and with the largest community of MSPs worldwide now using our platform, we believe we can provide attractive partnership opportunities that will benefit MSPs."

The MAXfocus community includes more than 10,000 MSPs, and Forbes said LogicNow is planning big things for service providers in 2015 and beyond. 

"[We have] made investments in data analytics that will allow us to deliver much more ... insightful feedback to MSPs about the systems for which they are responsible and opportunities for them to grow their businesses and improve their levels of service," he added. "This will appear in a number of ways, including direct integration into the product, the launch of a community portal and an extensive content program to deliver best practice advice and guidance that is specific to each of our customers."

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