Naverisk says it39s delivering substantial RMM innovations to MSPs

Naverisk says it's delivering substantial RMM innovations to MSPs.

Naverisk Releases RMM, Service Desk Platform Upgrades for MSPs

Naverisk has released an upgrade to its RMM suite to enhance service delivery for MSPs. Here are the details.

Naverisk says its latest platform upgrade gives managed services providers (MSPs) the tools they need to enhance service delivery.

The Auckland, New Zealand-based remote monitoring and management (RMM) company this week announced the general availability of Naverisk 2014 R1, the newest version of its Web-based RMM suite for MSPs.

General upgrades to the platform include a new cloud service management console; two-factor authentication and single sign-on; and the Naverisk Help Centre.

As far as RMM enhancements go, the upgrade provides a new device task manager, enabling MSPs to remotely manage device applications, services and processes; agentless VMware device monitoring; and automation of application monitoring.

Naverisk founder and CEO John Kalaugher said in a statement that the new features assist MSPs by extending "the scope, quality and efficiency of their service delivery."

Additional upgrades include a Naverisk user home page, extended email integration, ticket queues, enforce time on tickets, enforce ticket categories being set; and technical calendar enhancements.

"We have an amazing partner community, the contribution made to our product roadmap by our partners really is the secret sauce of our success," Kalaugher said.

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