LabTech Pursues N-able MSPs Amid SolarWinds Buyout

LabTech Pursues N-able MSPs Amid SolarWinds Buyout

LabTech Software has launched a competitive offer that seeks to switch managed services providers (MSPs) from SolarWinds/N-able to LabTech's RMM software.

LabTech Software is making a special offer to N-able's MSP base amid SolarWinds' (SWI) $120 million buyout of N-able. LabTech's goal: Entice MSPs to jump from N-able to LabTech for remote monitoring and management (RMM) software.

LabTech alleges the SolarWinds/N-able business combination represents "winds of change" that create uncertainty for N-able's managed services provider (MSP) base. Continuum CEO Michael George has made similar statements, suggesting that SolarWinds may start selling N-able's software direct to end-customers -- bypassing MSPs along the way.

N-able CEO Gavin Garbutt, who is exiting the company, has assured MSPs that the N-able business will remain channel-driven, offering MSPs on-premises and cloud solutions for managing end-customer networks. Also, channel-focused executives such as GM JP Jauvin and Senior VP of Sales Mike Cullen remain with N-able under SolarWinds' ownership.

Still, mergers and acquisitions often trigger competitive migration offers from rivals. And in this case, I believe LabTech is the first rival to publicly promote a special offer to N-able's MSP partner base.


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