Rackspace Cloud 2.0: iPad Application Gains OpenStack Support

Rackspace Hosting has released an  Apple iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad cloud management app, designed to make it easier for administrators to get away from their desktops for a little while and leverage the same kind of mobility that cloud end-users already benefit from. But the really interesting thing about The Rackspace Cloud 2.0 is that it adds OpenStack cloud customization to its bag of tricks.

As a refresher, OpenStack is an open source cloud platform for service providers project spearheaded by Rackspace and NASA. And since OpenStack entered the scene in late 2010, it's gained some momentum. The latest release of the OpenStack code brings it closer to production readiness, and carries sponsors like Cisco and Canonical.

So giving on-the-go administrators the ability to manage and customize OpenStack clouds from a more mature mobile platform like the Rackspace Cloud app (iTunes link) is no small potatoes.

Otherwise, The Rackspace Cloud 2.0 app adds some new features to the original recipe, according to the press release --  most notably, so-called "Chef automation" that lets administrators automate proceses and save time when managing Rackspace Cloud Files and Cloud Servers. And it supports the new Apple iOS 4.3, "connecting audio and video Cloud Files from the app directly to Apple TV." Needless to say, it'll also work on your new iPad 2.

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