Bill Lapcevic vice president of business development at New Relic

Bill Lapcevic, vice president of business development at New Relic

CloudSigma, New Relic Partner for App Performance Monitoring

CloudSigma and New Relic have teamed up to provide customers with additional insights into the performance of their public cloud applications.

Measure the performance of applications in the public cloud isn't easy, but some cloud providers are trying to simplify the process. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider CloudSigma has partnered with software analytics firm New Relic to provide customers with a higher level of insight into the health of applications and server infrastructure.

New Relic has integrated its software-as-a-service (SaaS) application performance management solution into CloudSigma's public cloud infrastructure, providing customers with the ability to deploy more mission-critical workloads into the cloud, according to the companies. Through New Relic's solution, CloudSigma customers can get additional visibility and insight into their end user, application and server performance.

The New Relic dashboard is accessible via CloudSigma's web console, providing performance data in what the company claimed is an easy-to-understand way that also makes it actionable. The end result? Customers can identify the root cause of performance degradation and understand how to remedy it.

"Like us, CloudSigma has always focused on delivering the best performance for its customers,” said Bill Lapcevic, vice president of Business Development at New Relic, in a prepared statement. “It was that level of dedication, combined with its unique customization capabilities and successful market position that made the company such an attractive partner for us. And, with the public cloud increasingly becoming companies’ environment of choice, it’s all the more crucial for us to partner with expert providers to ensure the health and performance of critical applications and services in the cloud, so companies can spend less time fixing problems and more time furthering innovation."

New Relic has aimed to integrate its performance monitoring solution tightly so it can be deployed easily on CloudSigma servers. Currently, CloudSigma customers are eligible for a free lifetime ugpraded New Relic account, including unlimited servers, deep transaction traces, full visibility down to the code level and a two-week trial of New Relic Pro.

"When companies receive complaints about their service performance, they often don't know where the problem originates," said Robert Jenkins, CEO of CloudSigma, in a prepared statement. "Without further insight and proper monitoring, hosting in the cloud easily  can add another layer of complexity to that root-cause analysis and cause delays in problem resolution. By partnering with New Relic, we're strengthening our customer relationships, giving them the ability to find the root cause of performance issues and the tools to actually detect problems before they reach their end users and negatively impact their bottom line. This extra visibility is ensuring that all of our customers' applications and services are running to the best of their ability while furthering trust in the cloud."

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