New Kaseya Tool Migrates From PSA to PSA in a Week Courtesy of Kaseya

New Kaseya Tool Migrates From PSA to PSA in a Week

‘PSA Migrator’ is among several new products rolled out during this week's Kaseya Connect Europe conference in Barcelona, Spain.  

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola has never been one to mince words, particularly when it comes to the products of competitors in the professional services administration (PSA) software space.

So it came as little surprise when – while discussing his company’s new migration tool from Kaseya Connect Europe in Barcelona, this week – Voccola didn’t exactly hold his tongue.

The MSP toolset maker’s new PSA Migrator dramatically reduces the time required to move clients from one PSA to another, to about a week

"ConnectWise has misinformed the market that migrating among PSAs is a Herculean task,” Voccola said. “It’s just a structured database. It’s not that hard. I’ve done it.” 

“What we’ve done is invested a lot of money on building our PSA…data, workflows and getting (MSPs) off of a first-gen legacy product like ConnectWise," he continued.

Despite additions to the feature set of its PSA – Kaseya BMS – Voccola said the software vendor remains committed to offering the inward-facing product at a low cost, so that MSPs can invest those savings toward other tools and activities that directly generate revenue.

Licenses for Kaseya BMS cost about one-third the subscription price of other popular PSAs, Voccola said.

“We have a customer here in Europe, they were paying €50,000 (euros) a year for (a competing product), and are paying about €4,000 for the Kaseya BMS,” he said. “They’re saving a lot of money – and we were able to migrate them in a week, so people can realize those savings.”

The Barcelona conference, attended by a few hundred partners, also featured other significant product enhancements.

Kaseya rolled out Traverse 9.4, a robust update that adds automated provisioning to the hybrid cloud and data center monitoring tool. Traverse 9.4 automatically detects changes, then updates and provisions monitoring of new cloud infrastructure, network devices and applications.

“We go out; we find it…cloud environments, infrastructure, all the way down to the IoT,” said Mike Puglia, Kaseya’s chief product officer. “It brings back everything. It automatically provisions. It applies all our best-practice templates and starts monitoring.”  

“Automating that really cuts their expense,” he said. “You can set it up so that when a user comes on board, it automatically provisions Office 365.”

Ever-larger organizations are buckling under the weight of growing demand to manage increasingly sophisticated IT networks with IoT implications and complicated security requirements, Voccola said.

“They don’t want to spend the money to keep up with it,” he said. “So they’re outsourcing these deals.”

Those managed services engagements are still too small for the IBMs of the world to service directly, creating an opportunity for MSPs to land deals that might be larger than many are accustomed to, Voccola said.

“It allows them to build a managed service around network management and network services through Traverse, (and) extend out to hybrid cloud environments,” he said.

Deals adding $30,000 to $40,000 in monthly recurring revenue are not unusual, Voccola said.

“Adding $30,000 a month for an MSP doing $3 million a year is (significant),” he said.

Also announced this week: AuthAnvil On-Demand, a multi-factor authentication software that protects virtually anything that uses RADIUS protocol.

“I can give you a single sign-on to your network, to your VPN,” Puglia said. “It’s just simpler, it delights the end user and it’s more secure.”

The sold out Kaseya Connect Europe was held Nov. 15-17.


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