ASG: Private Cloud Adoption Slow Due to Siloed Projects

ASG: Private Cloud Adoption Slow Due to Siloed Projects

Private cloud may be getting a lot of attention, but within the enterprise space, it's not gaining a lot of traction, according to ASG Software Solutions.

Private cloud isn't in the same ballpark as public cloud, at least in terms of adoption. That's no real surprise, but according to Tom Ahlemeyer, Solutions Marketing manager of cloud at ASG Software Solutions, private cloud is lagging too much behind where it should be.

Part of the reason is enterprises are loathe to adopt private cloud, but it's not because of the price of deployment, Ahlemeyer said. It's because a lot of organizations have already tried to deploy private clouds. And they failed. Now, they're a lot more skeptical and a lot less likely to turn to a private cloud for business solutions.

Fundamental issues with how IT is approaching cloud deployments is causing them to fail, and that's keeping adoption levels down, he said. According to Forrester market research, only 13 percent of enterprises have a private cloud in place. Many more have tried to put one in place but gave up—often before the project was completed, according to ASG.

"It's moving slow, and the reason, why from our experience, is that over the past 18 to 24 months, a lot of enterprise customers or intiativies around cloud started somewhere in a department or silo of an organization," Ahlemeyer told Talkin' Cloud.

What happens, Ahlemeyer said, is organizations read about the cloud benefits of automation, flexibility and agility, but they don't see that the full benefits aren't available until the private cloud has been fully deployed. Instead, many enterprises have started to deploy cloud, not immediately seen the benefits and turned their backs on it.

For cloud providers focused on the private cloud space, that is making their jobs more difficult. And the sales cycle is simply challenging because of it.

It seems sometimes that we're past the education phase when it comes to cloud computing, but then along comes a shot of reality that puts us a couple of steps back. But perhaps that is an opportunity for cloud services providers and cloud builders to help organizations see the light and truly understand what is going to be required to really take advantage of all that the private cloud has to offer.

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